The pontoon at Mari Pampun

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MariePampoen_20110205_002_smallOn Wednesday February 9, 2011 my dive buddy Rob and I went diving at Mari Pampun. This dive site has several things to offer. You can dive shallow and enjoy the hard and soft coral or you can dive deeper and go to the car pile. We normally combine the two in one dive. During the first part of the dive we visit the wrecks and when our bottom time is up at depth we swim back shallow. But doing this we always miss the large pontoon that is at the end of the car pile. Our dive computers don't allow us to visit the pontoon at the end of the first leg of the dive because we started too deep too early. So this time we decided to just visit the pontoon. And it was worth is.

We stayed at about 15 -  18 meters during the first 15 minutes of the dive. We had a slightly higher pace than normal to reach the pontoon in time. With the pontoon in sight we went deeper and I started taking pictures of the wreck. There are a lot of large tube sponges at the top of the pontoon as you can see in the picture. There was also a very large green moray eel hiding in the wreck but he went into deeper hiding before I could take a picture of him. I went along the farmost site to the deepest part. There is saw a deeper car wreck with a nice Orange Ear Sponge on the bumber so I went deeper to get a picture. That was my deepest point at 34.5 meters. At that time my bottom time was already up so I went into deco. Not worried because we had a long dive back at a shallow depth to make the necessary decompression stop.

It was a very nice dive and the pontoon is an object certainly worth visiting. So, if you are at this dive site and want to do something special, swim past the car pile and visit the wreck of the pontoon.