Annabay, October 21, 2007

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Normally on Sunday we dive the Mediator wreck, but this Sunday we decided to start from the Mediator site and to dive along the quay towards the Emmabridge (aka the Swinging Lady). In the past a lot of people walked on the quay and bridge and threw away there empty bottles and a lot of these ended up in the water.

The visibility was not very good during this dive but that doesn't really matter, because what you do during such an archeological dive is hover near the bottom and dig into the stuff there. A lot of Blankenheym stoneware genever jars can be found. These date most probably from the end of the 19th century. Also lots of fragments from plates and glass bottles and sometimes intact glass bottles. Also the heads and stems of old Dutch clay pipes. We also found a fragment of a dinner plate with a stamp on the bottom from P. Regout and dated 1836. This fragment and a number of the other finds can be found in the small museum of the diveshop of the Trunkdivers at plantation house Daniel.