Coming soon - The Curaçao Dive Guide

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The Curaçao dive Guide went to press and is expected to be for sale from the second week of December. This will be a unique dive guide for Curaçao. The guide will contain a large number of the dive sites that are accessible from shore. It will also contain a number of dive sites along the Northern shore of the island. The text is in English as well as Dutch. The size is such that it will fit in the door compartment of your car, 5.82" x 8.27", with 112 pages. The guide is a co-production of two PDIC instructors, Karel Boon who wrote the text and John Dohmen who provided the pictures. The price will be $28.00, less than a single guided dive. For the time being the dive guide will be for sale only in Curaçao. The first edition is rather limited so if you are visting the island soon and want this dive guide you can send me an e-mail to reserve one for you.