Weekend of March 6 and 7

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LionsDive_Photoshoot_20100306_001_smallIn the weekend of March 6 and 7 several activities took place. On Saturday morning Miranda Perik and I had prepared for another underwater photoshoot. This time with two male and two female models. Sabrina, who participated last time, had brought a friend, Nigel, and the other two models are a couple that is currently on vacation on the island, Anika and Martijn. Miranda had arranged for sunglasses, bikinis and jewelry from several shops for the photoshoot. But unfortunately this day happened to be one of the few days without any direct sunlight.  And direct sunlight is a key component for a successfull underwater photoshoot because with an overcast sky the amount of light underwater is far less and the interesting effect of breaking sunlight on the body is also not available resulting in an effect that looks like the shots are taken above water under bad conditions. The second factor was that the swimming pool that we were allowed to used was not completely clean; in combination with the low light this resulted in unacceptably low quality pictures, so unfortunately there is nothing to show from this underwater shoot.

LostAnchor_20100306_011_smallIn the afternoon a dive was planned at the dive site Lost Anchor at the Western side of the Caracas bay. Because there was almost no wind the sea was very calm and that is the perfect condition for this dive site. It takes a rather long walk with a swim to cross a channel to get to the entrance point, so be prepared! At the entrance point you have to cross a rocky shoreline but that is manageable especially when the sea conditions are as calm as they were this day. From there you immediately enter an underwater garden with healthy Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral, several other coral species and lots of gorgonians (Sea Rods and Sea Fans). From there it is diving along a drop-off in the direction of the anchor chain. If you dive fast enough you are able to reach that chain. We didn't but still had a beautiful dive. 

Mediator_Delphinus_20100307_004_kleinSunday morning a group a 8 divers from Delphinus, a dive school in The Netherlands, had an appointment with Trunkdivers for a dive at the wreck of the Mediator. This group arrived on Saturday and stays on Curacao for one week. This was their first and only occasion to dive the archeological wreck during this stay. Luckily there were no cruise ships in the Anna bay and there was permission from the harbor authorities to dive in the harbor.
The dive went very well. For Curacao conditions the visibility in the harbor is always low, but for divers used to the condition in The Netherlands this visibility is often better than at home.
Ater the dive there was the usual coffee and cake from Anneke.