Cas Abao

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Shore dive
Beach facilities
Entry fee

Cas Abou is a beach on a plantation. It is a long stretched sandy beach with lots of facilities (huts, beach chairs, restaurant, bathroom). You have to pay an entrance fee per car. If you are alone in the car this fee is quite high. The prices on the beach for the facilities are also not low.

The entrance into the water is very easy but be careful. There could be rocks close to the shore near the edges of the beach.

Swim out to the drop-off. That is where I normally go underwater. To the left the drop-off is very gradual. The coral density is moderate and there are patches with sand in between. There is an abundance of sponges.

How to get there

cas_abou_htgtComing from the Eastern site of the island you have to go to the Western Part. Driving along the only road to this part of the island, "road to Westpunt", you drive along Plantation House "Daniel" and past the small city of "Terra Kora" till you see a sign "Soto". There you go to the left. Follow this road. When you see the entrance to "Cas Abou" (see picture) you turn to the left. Follow the road till you reach the entrance gate. There you have to pay the entrance fee. Continue on the dirt road till you reach the parking lot.