A great find - the axe that launched the SS Mediator

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On October 19, 2009 I got an unexpected e-mail from Scotland from Dr Tom Clark and Mrs Elizabeth Clark. The message in that mail was as follows:

I picked up your e-mail address when I tried to find out more about the SS Dahlia - renamed SS Mediator - on the Internet. We have the axe which was used at the launch in May 8th 1872 by Miss Hargrove. Our house was built in 1887 and I think the axe was in the house when we bought it 30 years ago. The handle of the axe is engraved with the details of the launch.

After I asked for some pictures and if they were allowing me to put these on my website I got permission to use the pictures and I got the following additional information:

The house is in [removed the details for privacy reasons] Scotland and as I have said it was built in 1887. At this point in time we have no idea why the axe was in the attic! If we have any further information I will contact you.

This is a great find! The pictures of the axe: