The wreck

The wreck

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The Mediator has sunk in the harbor entrance in front of the “kleine werf” (Small Wharf) in Scharloo.


The following information is from a survey report from Peter O. Aleards, last updated on January 31, 2005:
Position of the ship:

  • The ship - the ship appears to be broken in two parts; the front part, which lies flat up till a length of 30 meters, and the rear part, which runs op to the end (92 meters), and which is tilted and lies under a rather heavy angle on the sandy slopes of the canal.
  • The bow - the bow is 31 meters distance from the quay, and sits at the bottom at a 20 meters depth, while the bow tip is at 15,5 meters depth.
  • The stern - the stern (partially in tact) is approx. 13 meters from the quay, and sits at the bottom at 13,5 meters and the top of the stern a depth of 11,5 meters.
  • Length - the length of the ship is - measured underwater and through the centerline - 92 meters.
  • Width - the width of the ship is 10,6 meters
  • Port side - the portside is visible from 0 to about 25 meters along the portside line, where it is crossed by a big slab of sand and rubbish. It’s visible again at approx. 55 meters, but now the side of the ship is at a heavy angle. The edge of the portside runs from a depth of 15.5 meters (at 0 meters) to 11 meters at the stern (92 meters). The anchor is located at 65 meters at portside, the chain runs - partly visible - towards the bow portside, although it looks like it actually broke out of the porthole at the bow.
  • Starboard side - The starboard side is visible almost over the complete length of the ship, although sometimes partly covered with debris, especially at the end (80 till 92 meters) of starboard side. The starboard side runs from 15,5 meters depth (at 0 meters) down to 18 meters depth (at 70 meters) and then sloping upwards to 15,5 meters depth (at 90 meters)