Diving at the pontoon at Vaersenbay

Vaersenbaai_20100818_019As already mentioned on this website the reconstruction of this beach with facilities has started and that means that parking the car here during is dive is much safer than before. So Rob and I decided to get a good look at the pontoon at this dive site. The pontoon is used in the past to transport the car wrecks to this site. The car wrecks are located under a buoy and require a surface swim of about 20 minutes followed by a short deep dive because the wrecks lie from 20 to beyond 40 meters. The pontoon is located halfway between the beach and the car wrecks and can easily be reached by diving along the reef towards the left.

The top of the pontoon is at about 20 meters (67 feet) depth. The deepest point of the wreck is at 34 meters (113 feet). So this is still a dive where you have to watch your bottom time. The wreck has a nice structure and is nicely covered with large sponges. Also a lot of fish can be found around the wreck.

For me this dive was also a practice exercise in shooting pictures with the wide angle lens while using the external strobe. Normally I use ambient light when shooting with the wide angle lens and, although the pictures are acceptable, much of the color is gone and cannot be fully restored in photo editing software. What I wanted to reach are pictures with good foreground colors and a nice blue background of the surface water.