Superior Producer dive

Superior_20110123_022_smallBecause the cruise season has started and because it is forbidden to dive at the Superior Producer wreck when a cruise ship is moored at the mega pier the only chance to dive this wreck this week was on Sunday morning, January 23, 2011. So it was quite busy at the dive site. Several dive operators had organised a dive there. So had Trunkdivers. I joined that dive to take some pictures of the wreck.

There were some waves but not too high to make the entry difficult. That is always a concern when walking into the water with the camera.

The last few dives at this site I experienced strong currents. Luckily this time there was not much current. The only minus was that the visibility was not optimal.

It was a very relaxed dive for everyone in the group. We made our normal tour: arriving at midships we dive along the starboard side of the ship towards the bow. There we enjoy the look of the bow rising up from the sand and then we enter the hold. At the bottom of the hold we always do a visual check of everyone's gauges and check for symptoms of nitrogen narcosis. After a successful check we dove on through the hold and then up to the steering cabin. I stayed on the outside of the cabin while the others entered the lower entrance to exit through the upper deck. After some extra minutes at the aft deck we went back into the direction of the shore. In shallow water we made our safety stop and then we surfaced and left the water. A very nice dive.