Hurricane season has started

watamula_20090613_006_kleinIndeed, the hurricane season has started on June 1st. But what is the relationship with diving? It means that the wind force is getting lower and that the direction of the wind is turning, which results in a lower wave height at the Northern side of the island. So for us, the "adventure divers" the season has started in which we can dive responsibly at the Northern side of the island. Not something to do for divers with little experience and even not advised for advanced divers without a dive guide with experience with this kind of diving. But the Diving Smurf and other Trunkdivers are looking forward to it.

As a starter we went to Watamula last Saturday. Not really a dive at the Northern side but close enough to have similar circumstances so also there it is necessary that the sea is rather calm. Otherwise it will be difficult to leave the water at Playa Gepi. This time we were with a group of 7 divers, most of them instructors.

The water was very calm, so the circumstances were almost ideal. The only "problem" was that the water level was rather low. So going through the tunnel was not an option because of a ridge at the other side that we wouldn't be able to clear with low water. So that part of the dive was skipped.

After the briefing we jumped from the cliff one after another. I had the pleasure to go as the first so that I could photograph the other ones during their jump. Jumping from the cliff is one of the pleasures of this dive. It is high enough to better not jump with your fins strapped to your feet because of the risk that your heel clip will break or your ankle will get hurt. So you take your fins under your arm, keep one hand against your mask and regulator, the other hand against your weight belt and jump forward. Gravity does the rest.

Next step is entering the "hole of Watamula" and take a look at the surface while being there. Normally the next step is diving through the tunnel but this time we just took a look inside the tunnel and left the tunnel at the same side. Then it was up to the drop-off. One part of the group went for a deep dive, the others stayed at about 20 meters. I was part of the latter group; during several dives at this site it appeared that there was more to see at 20 meters than at 30 or more meters. On the other hand, we have seen a Ray at depth so each level has its own charm.

Everybody regrouped at the "air strip" and from there we went in the direction of Playa Gepi. There is a lot of soft coral and sea fans and also lots of sponges in the shallow area. The sea at Playa Gepi was also calm so we had an easy exit.