Just a pretty picture

Today I dove twice. This morning at Tarpon City and this afternoon at Marie Pampun. At both sites the visibility was not what we are used to. And there were jellies in the water.
The Tarpons at Tarpon city had chosen to be very deep. Apart from one or two we didn't see Tarpons at first. That changed when I went deeper. At 30 meters I encountered a large school of Tarpons.  So that made my dive. After regrouping near the achor of the white buoy we went in the direction of the Marichi Parking place in Punda. There is an easy exit out of the water. And with the current in the right direction that was a relaxed dive.

In the afternoon I went diving with Rob at Marie Pampun. There we found that the current was Eastward so we had to start in the direction of the current. And because of my morning deep dive we stayed quite shallow. As a consequence we reached further that we normally do. Ther was nothing special on this dive. Also here there were some jellies in the water.
During the second dive of this day I made the above picture. Christmas tree worms which seem to have a light a each tip.