Back at the Mediator after a long time

Mediator_201007125_025_smallAfter a long time of absence we finaly found the time to get back to the Mediator. The number of volunteers has dropped below a critical limit for structural activities on the wreck. So the only remaining activity is once in a while a guided tour at this historical wreck site. And even these quided tours are not very often because most tourist don't know about this possibility.

On Sunday July 25, 2010, we did a guided dive / rescue exercise at this location. As usual I was the first one to enter the water to have optimal conditions for photography. As soon as I was under water it became clear that the conditions on this day were quite exceptional; the visibility was very good. At least 10 - 12 meters.

The condition of the wreck itself didn't change visibly except for the tilt of the ship. I didn't check it yet with pictures from the bow from previous years, but it looks to me that the bow is more tilted to starboard than I can remember from the past. The picture can not give the final answer because there is always a chance that I have tilted the camera so we need to do a measurement to be sure.

What has changed visibly is the amount of debris on the wreck. There are a lot of tires on and around the wreck. Also other materials that don't belong there are spread over the wreck. A cleaning is something that we should organize for the near future.