Advanced under water photography specialty

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Cover_photography_advanced_smallNext to the Underwater Photography course there is also an Advanced Underwater Photography course available at Trunkdivers. This advanced course focuses on the activities necessary after the pictures have been made: editing the images in a photo editing program. In earlier days, when film was used to capture the pictures, you brought your film to a photo shop for developing and printing the pictures. Nowadays we have to "develop" and print or publish the pictures ourselves. We didn't know or at least were not interested in what extra activites this photo shop undertook to get the result that we were used to. The photo shop corrected for under or over exposure or corrected a color cast. These steps are missing when we take our images from the camera for granted. We have to do these missing activities ourselves to get the optimal result. This course focuses on exactly these techniques. To avoid that you have to buy expensive photo-editing programs like Adobe Photoshop, this course works Open Source programs which are available for free on the Internet.

As part of this course you will make two dives. During these dives you take pictures that will be used during the two editing sessions of the course. The first of these two editing sessions is about basic techniques to improve your pictures, the second teaches you more advanced techniques to get better results. Included in the course is an English course book.

The content of the course is as follows:
Advanced underwater photography - content
If you are interested in this course please contact Trunkdivers or me directly.