The shipwreck at Vaersenbaai investigated

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On Saturday December 5, 2009 we once again went to the tugboat wreck at Vaersenbaai. This is a dive beyond the limits for recreational diving, so we don't do this too often. But we still needed to take some measurements to find out the dimensions of the boat. And we wanted to know if the engine is still in the engine room.

WARNING: don't do this dive unless you know what you are doing; this is a deco dive!

Diving under the pier at Baya

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Once again Rob and I went diving at Baya, the home of the tugboat wreck. After a nice dive in which we encountered some squids and a turtle we ended our dive as usual under the pier. A large tanker was moored to that pier so it was quite dark under the pier. But with my new focus / video light this was no problem. In the bright light of the Fisheye FIX Led 1000DX the colors of sponges and coral became very bright. The resulting video is much better than the previous one at this location. As an added surprise we found an octopus attached to one of the struts.

Trunkdivers goes to Eastpoint

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On Sunday September 27, 2009 Trunkdivers went for a boat dive to Eastpoint. Niels of Dive Charter Curacao organizes regular trips to the East and North coast and the diveshop Trunkdivers, specialized in shore diving along the Southern and Northern coast, felt for some time the need to go to Eastpoint. A location that is hardly accessible from shore because most of the area is private property.

Watamula shore dive

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Curaçao has many dive sites that are easily accessible from shore. The dive site Watamula is not very well known as a shore dive site; this dive site is located at the most Northern tip of the island. Trunkdivers is one of the few if not the only dive operator that dives at this location from shore. This dive is definitely a unique experience for the divers.
The dive starts with jumping off the cliff into the water. Then a trip into the "Hole of Watamula" where you can surface for a moment. Next is a dive through a tunnel if the waves permit this. If there is not sufficient clearance at the bottom this is just a trip into the tunnel and back. The dive continues along the coast either shallow where you swim in an underwater garden of waving Sea Fans and Gorgonians or at a depth of about 30 meters where you sometimes encounter a ray of turtle.  The dive ends with an adventurous exit at Playa Gepi, a small sandy beach where it is not always easy to get out of the water. And last but not least the afterdive with coffee and cake. All in all an unforgetable expierience.

Tarpon City

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TarponCity_20090712_039_kleinTarpon City is, as the name implies, a dive location where you can expect to see Tarpons. As far as I know there is no other dive site than this one in Curaçao where it is almost certain that you will see at least a few Tarpons during your dive. But on occasion the Tarpons will be everywhere around you as the video of a dive at July 12, 2009 shows. 

For guided dives at this location contact Trunkdivers or contact me and I will contact them for you.