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On Saturday, July 18, 2009 we went diving at the dive site called Pest bay. Long time ago I went there and as far as I remembered the site was not very special and the climb down to the beach was not easy. So it was a good time to refresh my memory by going there once more.

 Our group was rather small. Five people, two of them following an instructor course. So this was a good opportunity for some practice. Karel acted as an Open Water student and his buddy, Peter, got instruction to do the same. And of course everything that could go wrong went wrong with this student. The next presentation contains a selection of these learning experiences.

Refreshing my memory resulted in a confirmation that this dive site is not as nice as the next one, Vrijgezellenbaai (Bachelor's bay), but the climb down is far easier than the one at Bachelor's bay. Could be that I got more experienced after doing this several times at Bachelor's bay.